AllCamino Puts Sunnyvale on the Schmap

CIMG0184When I find myself on El Camino Real I like to snap a few photos. They’re generally nothing fancy, just a few establishing shots to add to my collection. Usually nothing comes of them but I throw them up on Flickr just to keep them handy. Recently my rainy-day digital packrat habit paid off: Schmap selected one of my photos for inclusion in their online city guide for Sunnyvale!

schmapI took this photo after my lunch with Dan at Dusita. I headed up to C.J. Olson’s to load up on produce and decided to photograph the intersection of Mathilda and El Camino while I was there. I guess Schmap found me through the tags and the rest is history in the making.

I confess I was unfamiliar with Schmap though I was amused by the self-deprecating name. They publish  digital travel guides for cities around the world. This Sunnyvale entry is part of their latest San Jose regional guide. Coincidentally I happen to have met one of the other photo contributors, Ben Combee. I like to say it’s a small valley.

This is the second time this year my random photography has been picked up. NowPublic used a couple of my photos in a story about San Jose’s own Joey Chestnut and his record-smashing victory at the 2009 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest: 68 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. My shots are the HP Pavilion jumbotron and the bobblehead.

Speaking of Olson’s, their Food and Gift Faire is this weekend. If you stop by, step out to the sidewalk and take in the view that inspired me to capture this kudos-winning photo. Take some yourself. I’d like to see them. Ansel Adams had Yosemite to pursue, interpret, and decipher. Me? I’ve got El Camino.

C.J. Olson Cherries Annual Food & Gift Faire
November 14th & 15th, 1:00 – 5:00 pm
348 W. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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