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I’ve been collecting a bunch of El Camino Real related Facebook pages and Twitter users, Liking and Following like crazy. Friday morning as I was surveying my vast social network I noticed people had statused and tweeted a bunch of great events coming up this weekend so I had the somewhat obvious but powerful idea of listing them in a blog post. I could even make this a regular feature, sharing with you upcoming weekend events. But then I had a quandary: what to call it?

“Weekend Update.” “Datebook.” “Event Calendar.” Too generic.

“What’s Up This Weekend.” Too long. “Weekend What’s Up.” Not bad but not there yet.

No, I want something related to El Camino Real. “Road Trip.” Too confusing. “Bell Whither.” Clever but not immediately gettable. “Mission Positions.” Ha! Those last two are great titles, but I’ll reserve them for another day.

Maybe I could use some Spanish. I pulled my old English-Spanish dictionary off the shelf and started thumbing through it. “Fin de Semana Real.” Bleah. “Sucesos.” Too obscure for non-Spanish speakers. “El Caminoticias.” I kinda like that, but then I’m a sucker for wordplay, “noticias” being Spanish for “news.” It may be better suited for a collection of news bites, which gave me another regular feature idea. But back to the business at hand…

Mi Calendario Real.” Hmm…getting there. Bonus: it’s an anagram for “Arid El Camino Real.” How cool is that? Keep pushing. “El Calendario Real.” Clumsy. Hang on…wait…I think I’ve got it…

“El Camino Calendar.”


Okay, it’s a little boring and doesn’t really push any multilingual or punsterific boundaries. On the plus side though its meaning is obvious and it is reasonably unique. Best of all, it elegantly rolls off the tongue. It’s rhythmic, poetic, and polished.

Ship it. Click!

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