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I walked on Day 1, but on Day 2 I drove up to Mission San Jose just to see the group off and achieve some El Camino Real closure. I walked with them only as far as the Ohlone Indian Cemetery, then drove back to daily life. I didn’t participate physically in the rest of the 10-day walk though I did think about the Walkers every day. I want to give some shouts out to the folks I met on the Shellmound Peace Walk. I didn’t get to meet everyone, for example the young folks who carried the banner the first day. Those I did get to know, I can’t do complete justice here so I’ve restricted myself to blurbs of no more than 140 characters. Form follows function. The idea is simply to give you a sense of the diverse group. I regret any omissions or inaccuracies, but I tried my best.

  • Amy: quietly strong. Helped me feel at ease out of my element. Served as our rear flagman to keep us visible and safe in traffic.
  • Andy: Berkeley man but I won’t hold that against him. Headed off to work in solidarity with Navajos at Black Mesa, AZ.
  • Brittany: Earth mama. She and her sister walked with a toddler. It’s cliché to celebrate motherhood, but there you go. It’s the best.
  • Corrina: daughter of Ohlones. Challenged me in important ways. Worked hard behind the scenes so we could all have an excellent experience.
  • Duck: the healer. Gave us his powerful songs to keep us safe and mindful. Keeps the old ways very much alive. Defends them proudly.
  • Eddie: speaks his truth. Took the time to explain gourd societies to me. Our paths have crossed in a good way. I hope they cross again.
  • Francis: shutterbug, aboriginal Basque. Knows how to make great images from both sides of the camera.
  • Gabriel: the peacemaker. Gave context to aid understanding. Killed me with his dinner plans: ground meat & onions in a tortilla. Oh man!
  • Henry: the charmer in many different languages. Literally has a twinkle in his eye. I have pictures to prove it.
  • Jahcee: old soul, childlike spirit. Taught me new words and history I should have known. Check him out: http://www.youtube.com/user/JAHCE3
  • John: Spirit Runner of 500-mile marathons for 30 years. What? Check it out: http://ca500milespiritrun.org/. And they train on The Alameda.
  • Johnella: long-time Walker, originated this one. Sees the grand connections between Native American issues and the global peace movement.
  • Jun-san: a woman of profound Peace. Prayed and chanted for us all every step of the way. Lifelong friend of Indians.
  • Karen: ebullient film buff and disseminator of information. Drove the support truck, transporting supplies and walkers as needed.
  • Lindsey: had a rather indelicate encounter with ants. Takes a dim view of suburbia. It’s a different world.
  • Louise: unstoppable. Made it to the Mission Day 1. This was so helpful for my article: http://www.dharmawalk.org/junsan1.htm. Thanks!
  • Manu: the future. Look out! While we were walking, he wanted to run!
  • Marcus: has Walked for Peace all over the world. Put off returning to his home Down Under to join us as our lead flagman.
  • Perry: the pragmatic anarchist with encyclopedic knowledge of Native history and affairs. Very generous with his erudition.
  • Vicki: girl next door. Originally from the Windy City. Another day-walker like me, also headed off to Arizona.
  • Wounded Knee: the soulful warrior. Felt every step so deeply. You’ll find him through history in every struggle, fighting that good fight.

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